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Microlight Sales

Microlight Sales - New

There is nothing quite like buying a new aircraft. You get to choose the make and model that will best suit your needs and desires, you can pick your own colour scheme, add options and accessories to help personalise and make your aircraft that something special. Taking delivery of a new microlight also means you have the opportunity to look after and maintain the aircraft to the highest possible standard from day one onwards and as such you can expect to log many hours of fun and hassle free flying.

Airborne Windsports are a great Australian company and one of the world’s largest microlight manufactures. Adelaide Airsports is the longest serving and most respected Airborne dealer having had an association with them dating back to the early 80’s. As such we are well placed to give you comprehensive advice and personal service when deciding what model Airborne microlight will best suit you needs. See the Airborne range of microlight aircraft here.

Adelaide Airsports are also the Australian distributor for a number of overseas microlight aircraft manufacturers. We continually monitor the industry world wide in search of that unique aircraft that might have an appeal to the Australian market. One such aircraft is the Flylight Dragonfly, a single seat, light weight microlight with great engine off soaring capabilities. Check out our Dragonfly page for more info on this amazing little aircraft.

Another microlight aircraft available in Australia exclusively through Adelaide Airsports is the Cygnet amphibian aircraft. Capable of operating from both land and water with its retractable undercarriage and large floats, the Cygnet offers a whole new dimension to your flying. Great fun on the water, land and in the air!

North Wing is a popular microlight manufacturer in the USA and Adelaide Airsports is proud to be an Australian dealer for their range of aircraft.

When buying a new microlight there is no better place than Adelaide Airsports. We test fly and tune your new aircraft to perfection, we teach you to correctly transport, assemble, store, fly and maintain it to the highest of standards. If you are a local pilot we can organise hangarage at the Strathalbyn Airfield, introduce you to a keen group of pilots and encourage you in each step of your flying. If you are from a country area, interstate or even overseas then we will do out best to help you find other local microlight pilots. We can even organise to come to your area and advise you on local airport procedures or the suitability of your own property as a private landing field. Ongoing help and advice in all aspects of owning and operating your new microlight is always close at hand with Adelaide Airsports.

Microlight Sales - Used

If a new microlight is out of the question then there is the used microlight market from which to choose a suitable aircraft. There are a lot of aircraft out there, some are in excellent condition, well maintained and represent great value for money, but of course there is also the opposite end of the scale. It’s a lot like buying a used car; there are traps for young players. If you are new to the sport and buying your first microlight then you should rely heavily on your instructor for good advice as to what is available, what will suit your needs and above all what is a good safe reliable aircraft. As much as I would like everybody to purchase their microlights from Adelaide Airsports I would encourage students to work closely with their local instructor when buying their first microlight and if possible to buy (be it new or used) through their local instructor/flying school. If, however your local flying school is unable to supply a suitable microlight then there is a good chance that Adelaide Airsports can help you find what you are looking for.

As Australia’s biggest and longest running Microlight School we sell a lot of microlight aircraft both new and used. We only sell used microlights that we know the history of and can give an honest appraisal of. Used microlights we list for sale are in our hangars at Strathalbyn, fully rigged, safety checked, test flown and ready to fly. Following is a list of some of the used or demo microlight aircraft we currently have for sale. For further information on these and other new or used microlights and associated equipment available, give Larry a call on 0408 815 094 or email

Used Microlights For Sale (Last Updated 9-Nov-2015)

Edge X Outback / Streak 2B
  • Trike and Engine: 135 hours
  • Steak 2B wing: 30 hours
  • Intercom / Radio
  • 2x Headsets
  • 1x Helmet
  • Covers
  • Trailer


A unique single seat microlight complete with easy load trailer.
Wing stays attached with quick set-up & pack-up, from trailer to ready to fly in 10 minutes.
Just 30 hours flying, Kawasaki 440 with belt reduction and Ivo prop, North Wing strutted trike wing, instruments, radio, headset.
Simple, easy flying and a very stable little trike.
RAAus 95:10 registered, trailer is new and SA registered.


Aeros ANT / Fox 16T

Our latest demo trike available now for sale or test flying
Quick set-up/pack-up, with all the padded pack-up gear
Retractable undercarriage
Fun, easy to fly
RAAus registered


XT-912 Outback / Arrow K
  • MicroAir radio
  • Lynx intercom
  • BRS chute
  • Full covers
  • RA-Aus rego
  • Always hangared
  • Only 80 hours on trike (12 on Arrow the rest on Merlin)

Photo shows Arrow wing, Merlin is similar colour
Owner happy to sell with either wing (or both)
Call for details!

Price guide:
$49,000 with Arrow wing (as seen in photo)
$45,000 with Merlin wing

XT-912 Tundra/Streak 3 Wing
  • RA-Aus registered
  • MicroAir radio
  • Disc Brakes
  • 2x Headsets
  • 2x Helmets
  • Flying suit
  • High windscreen
  • Landing Lights
  • Belly bag
  • Stone guard
  • Larder
  • Bar Mitts
  • Dust covers
  • Always hangared
  • 230 hours
Price: $35,000

XT-582 Outback / Merlin
  • RAAus Registered
  • Icom Radio
  • Headsets
  • Helmets
  • Stone Guard
  • Bar Mitts
  • Dust Covers
  • 200 hours
Price: $27,000

XT-582 Outback / Merlin

XT-912 Outback / Cruze
  • 375 hours
  • HGFA Rego
  • MicroAir radio
  • Lynx intercom
  • Helmets/Headsets
  • Strobe lights
  • Garmin 96C
  • Silva Compass
  • Travel covers
  • Dust covers
  • Larder
  • Stone Guard
  • Under trike bag


BRS recovery system
Purchased new from Airborne in 2011 but owner never fitted it to his trike.
Still sealed in box that has never been opened.
Suitable for any of the Airborne two-seat trikes.
Any reasonable offers considered.

Aeros ANT/Fox16T

Our latest demo trike, single seat flying at its best!
Quick and easy set-up & pack-up.
Fun, affordable, simple flying!
RA-Aus registered.

Price: $16,000

  • Discus 15T wing
  • RA-Aus Registered (95.10)
  • Bailey 4-stroke engine
  • Icom radio
  • MicroAvionics headset
  • 58 hours
Price: $13,500


XT-912 Tourer / Cruze
  • 250 hours
  • HGFA registered
  • Dust Covers
  • Belly Bag
  • Stone Net
  • Bar Mitts
Price: $30,000

XT912 Tourer / Cruze

Redback / Wizard 2
  • Wizard 2 wing
  • MicroAvionics Intercom
  • VHF radio
  • 2x Headsets
  • 2x Helmets
  • King Post Antenna
  • Dust Covers
  • Bar Mitts
  • HGFA Rego
  • 475 hours
Price: $10,500

Redback / Wizard 2

Flylight Dragonfly
  • HGFA registered
  • Discus 15T wing
  • Bailey V4 engine
  • Parachute
  • Instruments
  • 15 hours
Price: $18,000

This Dragonfly is currently located in NSW, contact Larry for further information.

Flylight Dragonfly

Archive of more SOLD equipment here

For information on these and other microlights available (new and used)
contact Larry 0408 815 094