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Hang Glider Sales

New Hang Gliders

It is always exciting buying a new hang glider and there are a lot of good choices out there. If you are new to the sport then the floater style of hang glider is definitely the go. They are lightweight and easy to both set-up and pack-up. They fly slow making them easy to take-off, fly and land, they are forgiving in nature and make great use of the lightest of lift. The floater style of hang glider is all about having fun with your flying. Floaters are available in a variety of sizes and options to suit all pilot weights. The floater style gliders are the most popular hang gliders we sell and include the Airborne Fun (F2), Moyes Malibu, North Wing Freedom and the Wills Wing Falcon.

If you have been flying for a while and looking to step up to an intermediate, high performance or competition type hang glider, we have the experience to help you decide what will best suit your needs. There are a lot of good hang gliders available and if you are a little confused about what will be best for your future flying feel free to give Larry a call and have a chat about your next hang glider.

Used Hang Gliders

Of course it is always nice to buy new, you get to pick exactly what you want, colours, options etc.. But sometimes the budget just won't stretch far enough. There are plenty of used hang gliders about; but it is buyer beware. Over the years many makes and models have come and gone, some are suitable for the new pilot but many are not. My best advice is that unless you are an experienced pilot and know what to look for only buy a used hang glider from a reputable dealer or flying school. Sure, take advice from local pilots but more importantly take advice from your instructor; he/she should know best what will suit you. Once again if you are new to the sport then the floater style hang glider is what you want, they have been available for a decade or so and used ones come and go all the time.

Adelaide Airsports generally has a number of demo and/or used hang gliders available some of which are listed below. If you need advice about buying a used hang glider or are looking for something in particular then feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to help. We are in constant contact with the hang glider factories and the local flying community.

Demo and Used Hang Gliders (Last Updated 2-Feb-2016)

Litesport 3

Only 37 hours (as new)
Carbon L/E
Smoke Sail
26.5 KG
Flies Great

Alpha 210 Alpha 210

Moyes Gecko

The latest "sport class" glider from Moyes is here and available for test flying. Come and see for yourself why everyone is raving about the Gecko!

Alpha 210

Wills Wing: Alpha 210

Wills Wing Alpha 210 our latest demo glider, available for sale and/or test flying.

Alpha 210

North Wing: Freedom 190

Freedom 190, as new with less than 10 hours.

North Wing: Freedom 190

North Wing: Freedom 170

North Wing: Freedom 170, available for purchase or test flying, see Larry for details

North Wing: Freedom 170

Airborne: Fun 160

Great first glider for the smaller pilot.

Fun 160

Moyes: Malibu 188

Moyes Malibu 188, 7 hours

Malibu 188

Moyes: Malibu 188

Flies great, no flutters, 150 hours, 4 sticky back patches on left L/E, good first glider.


Malibu 188

Moyes: Malibu 188

Malibu 188, good condition, flies great! $1,800 SOLD 

Malibu 188

Moyes: Malibu 2 188

Malibu 2 188 now available for purchase or test flying. Come on out and fly the new Malibu 2 and see why everyone is raving about them. Call Larry to arrange a flight! SOLD 

Fun 190

Airborne: Fun 190

Fun 190 in excellent condition with base bar wheels and just 71 hours logged. No sail flutters, a perfect first glider.
$2,000. SOLD 

Fun 190

Moyes Malibu 188

Moyes Malibu 188, available for purchase or test flying, see Larry for details. SOLD 

Moyes Malibu 188

Airborne Sting 3 154

Airborne's latest offering for the advancing pilot, an intermediate glider with great handling and good performance.  SOLD 

Wills Wing Falcon 3 170

The 3rd generation of the famous Falcon range of floaters. Still leading the pack the Falcon is a great choice for your first hang glider or as second glider for simple fun flying.  SOLD 

Wills Wing Falcon 3 195

A demo Falcon 3-195 is due mid November and available for sale or test flights.  SOLD 

Wills Wing Eagle 145

An intermediate glider for the lighter pilot, low hours, as new condition. SOLD 

Moyes Sonic 165

An intermediate glider, has modified keel and back wires to suit powered harness. SOLD 

Airborne C4-13

Low hours, excellent condition, competition hang glider.  SOLD 

Airborne Shark 156

An older high performance glider, cheap.  SOLD 

For information on these and other hang gliders available (new and used)
contact Larry 0408 815 094