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Bailey 4-Stroke Engines

The Bailey Aviation 4 stroke engine was bourn from a simple idea; a compact, lightweight engine to revolutionise the world of paramotors, powered hang gliders, microlights and ultralights. Providing a real alternative to the run-of-the-mill 2 strokes that have dominated the industry for the past 20 years or more.

Initial development of the 4 stroke project started in 2003 with prototype engines being successfully flown on paramotors throughout that year. This led to the release of the 4 stroke 150 (14.5HP) and then in 2006 the Mk2 150 and in 2007 the 4 stroke 175 (18HP). The 175 with 18hp attracted the attention of many manufactures of lightweight single seat microlights (trikes) and ultralights and as a result we saw the release of aircraft like the Dragonfly soaring trike (available from Adelaide Airsports).

Continued development of the Bailey Aviation range of 4 stroke engines saw the release in 2009 of the V3-180 (180cc 2 valve / 18HP) and the 4V-200 (200cc 4 valve / 22HP). These new engines opened up a world of possibilities for manufacturers and homebuilders of paramotors, powered hang gliders, microlights and ultralights. The fuel efficiency, compact dimensions and flexible mounting system of these engines are making many pilots dreams come true. The engine has now been refined even further with the release of the Bailey V5 in 2012.

The V5 engine has a capacity of 195cc and is the latest development of our 4 stroke design. Available with manual pull start (V5) or electric start (V5E), this new engine has a power output of 20.5Hp, which gives in excess of 65Kg (143lbs) of thrust when used with the 1.30m Helix propeller.

The V5 is the lightest and most compact engine, weighing only 15.8Kg in manual start form or 17.0Kg in V5E electric start form. The engine is fitted with our cylinder head decompression system, called the Easy Start, which makes starting effortless, even mid-flight.

The V5 features a 2-piece CNC machined crankcase, 2 valve head with Easy Start System, alloy inlet manifold with PWK 28 carb (manual choke) and K&N air filter with rubber mounted anti-vibration bracket. The cylinder bore features a special coating for increased wear resistance and our latest crankshaft design features oversize bearings and an extra internal needle-roller bearing.

Engine cooling is taken care of by our revised forced air cooling system, using a crankshaft mounted fan to remove heat from the engine, ducted by our all-new ABS injection moulded engine cover, which also neatly houses the pulse-fed fuel pump. The ignition CDI unit is also directly mounted to the engine on a custom bracket, making for an incredibly neat installation.

The engine has a 2 stage oil filtering system, with a replaceable oil filter that is easy accessible and a glass oil level window so you easily check the oil level.

The standard exhaust silencer and downpipe are made from 304 Stainless steel for longevity, with a chrome plated mild steel exhaust bracket which houses our heavy duty exhaust mounting clamps that are sprung to allow for thermal expansion/contraction of the exhaust under all heat ranges. We also produce an optional titanium exhaust silencer and bracket that gives a weight saving of 650g over the stainless exhaust.

The V5E is the electric start version of the V5 and uses a small and light permanantely engaged starter motor that mates with a stainless steel ring gear to produce effortless starting, aided by our Easy Start System.

Adelaide Airsports are proud to make these engines available to the Australian market. For further information, specifications or to discuss the suitability of these engines for your project, contact Larry at Adelaide Airsports.